The Law of Attraction

Wanted to meet progressive thinking and action oriented people to brainstorm ideas and then put them into action.

Some of my ideas are as follows:

Idea 1.

Put together a website that would allow people of all walks of life to be able to add themselves to an online database of people that could interact with each other in all sorts of ways that would be beneficial to all involved.

Idea 2.

One of my ideas was that farmers, station owners or business owners be able to have a break or holiday away from their business or property. On the flip side of this was the opportunity for people travelling this great country of ours to be able to come in and look after the farm, station or business for the owner. Now it might take 2 or 3 of us "oldies" to fill the shoes of the business owner but that would not matter and it would probably give the business owner more confidence in leaving his valued possessions in the care of several people and not just one. I believe that most of these "positions" would be filled on a voluntary basis but there would be some occasions where the business owner would like to reimburse the people in some way for what they had done for them. A basic written agreement of what had to be done and any payment would be signed off on before commencement.

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